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Notice to Register for Remote/Marketplace Facilitator Sales into Alaska

The Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission has passed its Uniform Code, as it applies to Remote Sellers and Marketplace facilitators. This is a streamlined Code that accommodates the individual rates and exemptions of multiple jurisdictions within Alaska, with single-level, statewide administration.

As local governments adopt the Code, Sellers will be notified on the first of every month of their effective dates, and returns will become allowable on the first day of the month after the 30 day effective date.


ARSSTC reduces the burden on interstate commerce by providing:

Software that provides a single access point for filing returns and remittance, including batch returns.

  • If a remote seller or marketplace facilitator meets the criteria threshold set out in the Commission’s Uniform Code then immediate registration is encouraged.
  • Collection should begin according to the effective date of member municipalities; please follow the collection and return policy adopted by the Commission.

Software that has been approved by the taxing authorities reflecting rates and exemptions, attached to GIS-mapped delivery.

  • As members adopt the Code, their information herein will be updated and additional features added.
  • Please utilize the API code for access to rates and GIS-mapping


If you have any questions about how to register or submit returns and remittance, look up rates and exemptions, or need guidance at all, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone at (907) 790-5300.

Remote Reseller Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Application for ARSSTC Member Jurisdictions

This application is for a Remote Reseller Exemption Certificate that is valid with the ARSSTC member jurisdictions to exempt the listed Buyer of sales tax on the indicated products. This certificate is for the limited use where a remote reseller cannot obtain a local resale certificate because the reseller is not physically located in the jurisdiction where the resale occurs. For example, if you order goods for resale with a delivery address in the taxing jurisdiction, but you do not otherwise have a physical presence in that jurisdiction you may not be able to obtain a resale exemption certificate in the local jurisdiction. In that circumstance, you may apply for a Remote Reseller Sales Tax Exemption Certificate from the Alaska Remote Sellers Sales Tax Commission.

Download Application PDF