Member Jurisdictions

This table shows the communities who have adopted the remote sales tax rules and the date tax collection should begin.

Jurisdiction CodeMember NameType of Sales TaxEffective Date for Tax CollectionTax Rate
9001Adak, City of General Retail2020/05/014%
9004Aleknagik, City ofGeneral Retail2021/05/015%
800006Anchorage, Municipality ofAlcoholic Beverage2021/02/015%
9007Aniak, City of General Retail2021/10/012%
800015Bethel, City ofAlcoholic Beverage2021/05/0115%
9008Bethel, City ofGeneral Retail2020/10/016%
9026Cordova, City of General Retail2020/06/017%
800008Craig, City of Alcoholic Beverage2020/02/016%
9015Craig, City of General Retail2020/07/015%
800018Dillingham, City of Alcoholic Beverage2021/05/0110%
9017Dillingham, City of General Retail2020/07/016%
800036Excursion InletGeneral Retail2022/05/013.5%
800038Galena, City ofAlcoholic Beverage2022/12/016%
9024Galena, City ofGeneral Retail2022/12/013%
9110Gustavus, City of General Retail2020/06/013%
800032Haines Borough - 5.5%General Retail2020/05/015.5%
800034Haines Rural - 4%General Retail2020/05/014%
9028Homer, City ofGeneral Retail2020/04/014.85%
9031Houston, City of General Retail2020/11/012%
800012Juneau, City and Borough ofAlcoholic Beverage2021/02/013%
9033Juneau, City and Borough ofGeneral Retail2020/05/015%
9036Kenai Peninsula BoroughGeneral Retail2020/04/013%
9035Kenai, City ofGeneral Retail2020/04/013%
9038Ketchikan Gateway BoroughGeneral Retail2020/09/012.5%
9037Ketchikan, City of General Retail2020/11/015.5% April - September
3% October - March
9044Kodiak, City of General Retail2020/06/017%
800030Kotzebue, City ofAlcoholic Beverage2022/01/016%
9046Kotzebue, City ofGeneral Retail2022/01/016%
9053Mountain Village, City of General Retail2020/08/013%
9056Nenana, City ofGeneral Retail2021/10/014%
9059Nome, City of General Retail2020/05/015%
800014North Pole, City ofAlcoholic Beverage2021/04/016%
9062North Pole, City ofGeneral Retail2021/04/015.5%
9065Old Harbor, City ofGeneral Retail2023/09/013%
9066Ouzinkie, City ofGeneral Retail2021/07/016%
9067Palmer, City of General Retail2020/05/013%
9068Pelican, City ofGeneral Retail2022/02/014%
9069Petersburg BoroughGeneral Retail2020/06/016%
9074Quinhagak, City ofGeneral Retail2022/05/013%
9078Saint Paul, City ofGeneral Retail2020/08/013.5%
9081Saxman, City of General Retail2020/11/014%
9083Selawik, City ofGeneral Retail2021/08/016.5%
9084Seldovia, City of General Retail2020/04/016.5% April - September
2% October - March
9085Seward, City ofGeneral Retail2020/04/014%
9088Shungnak, City ofGeneral Retail2023/07/012%
9089Sitka, City and Borough of General Retail2020/06/016% April - September
5% October - March
9090Skagway Borough, Municipality ofGeneral Retail2024/03/015% April - September
3% October - March
9091Soldotna, City ofGeneral Retail2020/04/013%
9095Tenakee Springs, City of General Retail2020/07/012%
9096Thorne Bay, City of General Retail2020/09/016%
9097Togiak, City ofGeneral Retail2020/08/012%
9098Toksook Bay, City of General Retail2020/08/012%
9099Unalakleet, City ofGeneral Retail2022/11/015%
9100Unalaska, City of General Retail2020/06/013%
9102Wasilla, City of General Retail2020/04/012.5%
9103White Mountain, City ofGeneral Retail2023/07/011%
9105Wrangell, City and Borough of General Retail2020/04/017%
9106Yakutat, City and Borough of General Retail2020/07/015%

Pending Jurisdictions

as of 12.21.2023

These jurisdictions have joined the ARSSTC but have not yet adopted the remote sales tax rules under the Uniform Code.

  • City of Gambell
  • City of Mekoryuk